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Truffle Edamame
steamed edamame in a white truffle butter top w/ sea salt
Pesto Edamame
steamed edamame in a pesto sauce
Panko Shrimp
shrimp panko fried and served w/ pineapple ginger sauce
Sizzling Shrimp
shrimp marinated w/ onion mint pineapple pepper served on a hot skillet
Sweet Chili Wings
flash fried marinated chicken wings in a spicy plum sauce
Chicken Lollipops
chicken wings marinated in a spicy black pepper mint sauce
Spicy Wonton
sauteed chicken and three cheese served w/ sweet wasabi dipping sauce
Soup Gyoza
pork and cabbage w/ a simmering soup broth inside dumpling
Suger Cane Pork
pork marinated in ginger lemomgrass panko w/ pineapple ginger sauce
BLT Spring Rolls
green leaf bacon tomato mint wrapped in rice paper with a dipping sauce
Pork Pot Stickers
pan fry pork pot stickers served with scallions ginger sauce

Asian 5 Spice Quail
five spice marinated quail flash fried top w/rock salt served papaya slaw
Pepper Ribeye
black pepper olive oil wood charcoal grilled served w/ side tropical salad
La Nho
lemongress marinated beef wrapped in grape leaf served w/ nuoc cham sauce
Almond Fish
crusted white fish flash fried served w/wasabi and pineapple ginger sauce
Wasabi Soy
marinated chicken wood charcoal grilled served w/ fresh wasabi sauce
Orange Chili
flash fried white meat chicken served spicy tomato sauce & orange zest
Sweet Soya
marinated chicken wood charcoal grilled served w/ spicy basil sauce
Chilled Soya Tofu
marinated tofu pan fry and served in ginger soya sauce
Sochu Tofu
crispy tofu served w/ a pineapple ginger and sesame dipping sauce
Spicy Basil Tofu
flash fried tofu served with spicy thai basil sauce
Thai Spring Rolls
rice noodle green leaf mint wrapped in rice paper w/ dipping sauce
Ginger Mint Duck Salad
red and green cabbage mint basil in a nuoc cham sauce topped w/ peanuts
Crispy Tofu or Chicken Salad
fresh green leaf carrot cucumber with a sweet peanut sauce
Green Papaya salad
shrimp w/green papaya and mint in a chili lime vinegarette topped w/peanuts
Crispy Fish Salad
white fish, papaya mints w/spicy nuoc cham topped w/ peanuts & shallots
choice of tofu or chicken; shrimp or fish
Hot n Sour Soup
tomatoes carrot pineapple jalapeno mushrooms in a hot tamarind broth
napa mushrooms rice ovalettes in a miso borth
choice of ribeye, fish or shrimp are additional
House Dynamite
Choice of tofu, shrimp, fish, or chicken cauliflower pineapple onion bell pepper carrot in a spicy sweet sauce
Chili Citrus
Choice of tofu, shrimp, or fish jalapeno onion bell pepper in a spicy tomato sauce topped w/ orange zest
Black Dragon Sauce
Choice of tofu, shrimp, or fish snow peas bell pepper napa onion water chestnuts in black bean sauce
Sweet Ginger
Choice of tofu, shrimp, or fish pineapple onion bell pepper water chestnuts in sweet ginger sauce
Spicy Basil
Choice of tofu, shrimp, fish, or chicken snow peas mushrooms cauliflower in  garlic spicy basil sauce
Pepper Mint
Choice of tofu, shrimp, fish, chicken, or ribeye onion pineapple garlic thai chilis in black pepper mint sauce
choice of tofu or chicken; shrimp
Pad Thai
asian rice noodle in  a spicy chili lime sauce topped w/ peanuts
Hong Kong Flat Rice
napa mushroom carrot snow peas rice ovalettes in garlic sauce
Stir Fry Udon Noodle
napa onion carrot udon noodles in pork garlic sauce
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